Inspire Artists with Gift Cards

Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest source, it can also be elusive and the muse uncooperative. That’s one reason gift cards are great for artists. A gift card to The Home Depot® or a craft store is a practical option for artists because they can use the money to buy supplies. But gift cards can do more for artists than help them to afford new brushes or a drip tray.

Inspire artists by giving them a chance to escape. It can be a gas card for a road trip or something closer to home, like going to the movies. Especially if you’re looking for a gift for a professional artist, deadlines, finances, and other stresses can make it difficult to concentrate. Spa gift cards are a great way to give your recipient a chance to step back, relax, and return to the project more refreshed. For the more adventurous artists, allowing them the freedom to hike and take pictures of the scenery is a great way to keep their inspiration from being tied to this year’s calendar selection.

Gift cards also allow the artist to show off their work in new and creative ways. A CanvasPop eGift Card allows the artist to turn a photograph of their work into a wall decoration, while custom gift cards can be carried around and shown off as a sample of their work even when they least expect it. Take my mom for example, she’s never been good at showing off her work, but when people ask about the beautiful design, her face lights up. Giving her one of her own paintings as a custom card allows her to show off her work every time she makes a purchase and reminds her how much I admire her talent. She could even turn around and put the image on a card for corporate use through our sister site,

Shop for retail cards and e-gift cards or create a custom design and add your recipient’s name directly to the plastic. Celebrate artists with us on Facebook to be the first to learn about new designs, sales, giveaways, and other promotions.

Inspire Artists with Gift Cards

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