Encourage a Culinary Masterpiece with a Grocery Gift Card

The last time I attempted baking, the end result was something more akin to zombie muffins than a culinary masterpiece, but my heart was in the right place. Next time, my contribution to anything requiring more culinary skills than operating a microwave will be purely financial. Grocery gift cards are an excellent gift for anyone wanting to experiment with a new cookbook or start eating healthier because it softens the blow if the food doesn’t come out as expected.

Particularly good for college students on a budget, a grocery gift card allows your student the chance to try a recipe without dipping into their ramen fund. Even with the help of my college roommate, not all of my dinner plans resembled something edible. When I had the funds to try again, or have a back-up plan, I was more likely to try a new recipe than when I was on a strict budget. This helped me maintain a healthy diet because I didn’t get tired of a meal plan or consume only high sodium frozen dinners. Give college students some room to experiment with their dinner choices, surprise their floor with brownies, and make new friends.

Encourage a Culinary Masterpiece with a Grocery Gift Card

Grocery gift cards can be given in support of a loved one’s New Year’s resolution to lose weight or maintain healthier eating habits. While the middle of April is not traditionally a time people are worried about their New Year’s resolutions, it is the perfect time to help keep friends and family on track. People who eat out even once a week gain more weight on average than people who cook all of their meals at home. Perhaps your aunt has been wanting to try a new eggplant parmesan; give her a grocery gift card and include a recipe you think she might enjoy to turn a practical gift into a personal one.

Looking for some healthy recipes to include with your gift card? Follow our Celebrate Goals board on Pinterest for healthy recipes, exercise tips, and other useful information to keep you and loved ones on track in 2013.

Rebecca Killam
Marketing Associate

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