Four Gift Cards to Celebrate Musicians for Guitar Month

Celebrate International Guitar Month and the musicians that strum their way into our hearts.

Keep the Music Coming

Many musicians get their start by playing cover songs by other well-known bands. Inspire artists and help them discover new music by giving an iTunes Gift Card. With it, they can download fast paced Spanish guitar, slow guitar serenades, rock, and everything in between. For a change of pace, the card is redeemable for TV shows, audiobooks, movies, and more. Another way to encourage your recipient to keep playing is to print off an e-gift card they can use on sheet music, “guitar aerobics” and other books, and place it inside a workbook at or above their level. Give more than a gift, give them something to aspire to.

Stylin’ Guitars

For the musicians who love the art and culture surrounding music, a CanvasPop eGift Card can be used to transform their personal space and show off their style. It’s the perfect gift for musicians and music lovers to showcase their photography.

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Support Their Music

Help a talented musician advertise their next gig by giving a Shutterfly eGift Card. Limitless storage helps organize pictures in one place, and Shutterfly offers a selection of products a musician can use to get the word out to their fans. Announcements and stationary can draw customers in the door, where the artist can sell calendars and other photo gifts to promote their brand. Get them started on the road to success.

Upcycle Old Gift Cards

You will make a guitarist’s year if they haven’t discovered a pick punch yet. Upcycle old gift cards by turning them into guitar picks, wrap them up with the pick punch and give to a musician. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, helping musicians save on guitar picks and letting them create one of a kind designs from their own cards.

Guitar Custom Gift Card

What better way to celebrate International Guitar Month than a custom gift card with a guitar design? Print the musician’s name right on the plastic for a personalized gift they can turn into a guitar pick or good luck charm. All of our custom gift cards are mailed in a complementary greeting card and can be used for sheet music, a new guitar, or artwork. Browse music gift cards to find gifts even the most picky musician will appreciate.

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