Going Green? What’s New in the Gift Card Industry

Is the gift card industry going green? There’s been some chatter recently about a Starbucks sustainable wood gift card. I originally saw the article on Mother Nature Network; according to the article, Starbucks is releasing a new limited edition gift card “sourced from a forest certified to meet Forest Stewardship Council sustainable management standards.” When I tried to confirm it on the Starbucks website, I saw a link, but the article has been removed. April Fool’s joke perhaps?

Wood Starbucks Card

If real, this will not be Starbucks’ first limited edition gift card in an unconventional material. The Mother Nature Network also mentioned a Starbucks steel gift card, which USA Today confirmed Starbucks sold for $450 on a luxury goods website last December. Loaded with $400, the steel gift card cost $50 to make! I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend $5.95 on a custom gift card. I’ve been saving all of my empty cards and taping ribbon to the back; they are going to make quite the collection of Christmas ornaments for my tree this year!
As with the Christmas ornaments, people are finding creative ways to upcycle gift cards. Life Hacker hosted a MacGyver challenge for empty gift cards. The winning entry used two old gift cards to mask spare keys in your wallet. Bryan figured out a way to go green and keep from getting locked out of the house.
 Gift Card MacGyver winner

Honorable mention went to creating a luggage tag, replacing flimsy collar stays, and my favorite, a smartphone stand. How are you using gift cards to be good to the environment? Tell us on our Facebook page.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The companies listed are not a sponsor or co-sponsor of this promotion. Card terms and conditions apply.

Rebecca Killam
Marketing Associate

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