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Can you believe graduation is already here? Florida State University is one of at least five colleges with commencement ceremonies this Friday. The graduates may be ready, but if you thought graduation was still a few weeks away, you’re probably in need of a last minute graduation gift. eGift Cards are perfect for graduates starting the next chapter in their life. Schedule one ahead of time so your grad gets it on their phone or e-mail right on graduation day.

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Whether your graduate is continuing on to a higher degree or looking for a job, chances are you both want them out on their own. Make the transition as seamless as possible by helping them furnish an apartment. An eGift Card is perfect for the graduate on a budget. From area rugs and lighting to home improvement items, and furniture, your gradate can shop for everything they need to make the new living space cozy, modern, or eclectic.

Or if you’re like my mom, you’re planning on getting rid of furniture and boxes you’ve been saving for when your child moves out. In that case, a CanvasPop eGift Card is more appropriate. Your graduate can use it to tailor the space for their personality, turn home photos into custom artwork, and keep homesickness at bay for at least a little while longer. Receive a hug instead of an eye roll when you give an eGift Card for a last minute graduation gift.

Thankfully not everyone is graduating this week. If you have time to plan ahead and want to send a physical card instead, check our graduation gift cards to find gift cards for clothing, restaurants, gasoline, and pet supplies. You’ll also see custom gift cards you can personalize with your graduate’s name right on the plastic. Custom gift cards are mailed in the complementary greeting card of your choice. Select a graduation design of puppy in a party hat to match your graduate’s personality.

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