Reward Volunteers Who Make a Difference with a Gift Card

Everyone deserves to feel appreciated, especially volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to organizations and causes they are passionate about. Custom gift cards are the perfect way to show a volunteer that they are a valued part of your organization. You can even tailor the design to the cause most important to them.

When I was contacted by a Literacy Coalition in New York, Lara told me about a tireless volunteer who devoted over 100 hours to a grass roots project delivering donated books to over 40 schools in the area to increase literacy rates in Herkimer and Oneida Counties. This one person put in almost 80% of the total volunteer hours over six months stamping, sorting, and distributing books.

Lara asked if we could donate a gift card but because our cards are printed on demand, we weren’t able to send Lara a gift card in time for the ceremony so I made a personal donation to the extraordinary woman who spent time helping her communities grow. As an individual, I went to to find a suitable design. Lara told me the volunteer enjoyed scrapbooking and other crafts, so after browsing different designs with books, I selected the Sewing Gift Card. One thing I have found is that I enjoy personalized cards much more than generic ones and wanted to reflect that. Just think about how differently

Sewing Gift Card

For an organization to thank a volunteer, you’d go to our corporate site, There, the business or organization can find the same designs and customization features including being able to print the volunteer’s name directly on the plastic. also allows an organization to put its logo on a custom incentive card or add it to an existing design.

Whether you’re showing appreciation for a volunteer as an individual or an organization, the best “thank you,” is always a personal one. Reward volunteers making a difference in your community with a custom gift card.

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Rebecca Killam
Marketing Associate

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