Upcycle Gift Cards to Organize Your Life

Having just celebrated Earth Day on Monday, we’ve been on the lookout for more ways to upcycle gift cards. Working at GiftCard.com, I’ve gone through more gift cards this year than ever before, but I haven’t tossed any of them (you’re going to enjoy a picture of my Christmas tree this year). While I’ve turned them into ornaments, a snow globe, and a Year of the Snake Collage, I’m impressed by the many other ways people on have found to upcycle empty gift cards.


The most common seems to be cutting them up for picture frames. Monochromatic, or rainbow, the added color really makes pictures pop and can hide dinks and scratches on an old frame. Keep two items out of the trash and hang some pictures around the house for a warm and one of a kind vibe in your home or dorm.

This next one I found particularly useful since I often think my headphones think they are pro wrestlers as soon as I put them in my purse. Instead of letting them dangle loose or trying to wad them into a ball, wrap your headphones around an old gift card. The next time you go to the gym, you can spend more time working out and less time having to untangle chords.

In a recent MacGyver Challenge on LifeHacker.com, the winner taped spare keys in between two old gift cards to keep them from falling out of his wallet. Not a bad idea if you’re frequently locking your keys in your car. Honorable mentions went to using gift cards for luggage tags, collar stays, and a smartphone stand. That last one took a bit of cutting and bending, but it looked pretty neat. I wonder if it would be able to hold a tablet.

Another idea I loved was found on Artistic Flair. Deb turned old Starbucks cards into key rings. This idea is perfect for custom cards with fun designs. A similar idea, also found through Pinterest, was a pick punch that allows musicians to turn expired cards into guitar picks. Though I haven’t tried this one yet, it looked like you could get three or four out of a single card. Perfect for guitarists constantly losing picks, they can customize the designs instead of showing up to play with something bland. Last but not least, I found mini notepads. The writer at Green Bean Crafterole used a zutter bind to add the wiring around the top but said an office supply store can bind them as well.

You can see these and other ways to upcycle items on our Pinterest board: Upcycle Ideas. What are some of the ways you’re being green?

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