Anniversary Gift Guide: Gift Cards for Every Year of Marriage

It’s amazing to see people still together after sixty years, even thirty is a big milestone these days. Love like that deserves to be celebrated. But what do you get a couple who already has everything?

Anniversary gift cards for every year.

We looked at what you’re “supposed to” give for each year of marriage and were surprised by some of what we found. Here are some that raised an eyebrow:

  • While never a practical gift in Texas, the traditional 7th anniversary gift is wool. It’s modern counterpart is a desk set (pens, pencils, etc.)
  • Traditionally, crystal was a 15th anniversary gift but has been made a 3rd anniversary gift in modern times, shaving a 12 year wait time off getting some new wine glasses or mantle decorations.
  • Silver for a 25th anniversary and gold for a 50th anniversary are two out of only four years where the traditional gift has not been updated to a modern counterpart. They are also two of the few years where the traditional U.S. gift and traditional UK gift match. Others include: paper (1s), cotton (2nd), leather (3rd), lace (13th), crystal (15th), China (20th), and emeralds (55th).
  • Musical instruments await people celebrating their 24th anniversary. Whether listening to a band counts or if they most receive one as a gift, I’m not sure.
  • The modern anniversary etiquette writer sure likes diamonds. While diamonds were traditionally only given for a 60th and 75th anniversary, modern gift guides dictate that, should a couple be so lucky as to spend 80 years together, they should receive diamonds as an anniversary gift at least four different years.
  • Fellas, you better hope you were born in the same month as your wife or at least like her birthstone because while you used to get wine for an 85th anniversary, you now get your wife’s birthstone instead.

Plastic wasn’t anywhere in the top 100 (and let’s face it, the longest married couple on record only made it to their 86th anniversary, so going over 90 is silly), but wouldn’t a gift card be much more appreciated than a wool sweater and more affordable than fine China? Never fear, anniversary gift cards are here and there’s one for every year of marriage.

If fruits and flowers fit your fancy and you need to send a 4th anniversary gift quickly, a eGift Card is just the thing. Delivered by SMS text message to your recipient’s phone or e-mail, they can pick an edible arrangement or a splash of fragrant colors that won’t make them sneeze. The last thing you want to do is wish your friend a happy 4th anniversary just to have her break out in hives if you accidentally pick something she’s allergic to.

As for that 24th anniversary, when you’re not sure whether to hire a mariachi band or give your parents a harmonica, you can give a music gift card instead. A violin design for the classic enthusiasts, a turntable design for the old school couple, and an iTunes® Gift Card are all available to celebrate that almost silver anniversary.

As special as the 60th anniversary is, I don’t think Grandma and Grandpa should have to wait that long for a yellow diamond, but that’s when tradition has determined it’s proper to give one. Because they’re on the pricey side, we’ve added the Yellow Diamond Visa®Gift Card. While it may not glitter on Grandma’s finger, they can use it to go out to dinner, rent a movie, relive old memories, or create new ones.

Yellow Diamond Visa Gift Card

Browse our Anniversary Gift Cards to find a gift for the anniversary your loved ones are celebrating.

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