5 Benefits of Being Organized: Easy First Steps

Most people don’t like cleaning. We rebel against cleaning our rooms as kids and for some of us, that bad habit is never broken. For others, the benefits of an organized lifestyle help in our personal and professional lives. Read on to learn the benefits of being organized and some easy steps to get there.

5. Better Sleep

Did you know that to get the best sleep, your bedroom should be clean and free of distractions? Though it may be hard to put the TV in another room of the house and not keep any books on the night stand, if you do, your mind will associate your bedroom with sleep and start preparing to shut down. It’s the same as having an office separate from the game room, your mind knows you’re in the area set aside for work and concentrates better, making you more productive.

4. Double or Triple Your Productivity

How many times have you misplaced your cell phone, keys, or paperwork? Organizing your space gives you more time to be productive and more time for fun. If you work somewhere fun like the Marketing Department at GiftCard.com, getting your work done early means more time for Nerf Wars.

3. Promotions

An increase in productivity can help you stand out against your peers. An employee with a neat desk who manages their time and consistently makes deadlines is preferable to an employee who puts reports together at the last minute and whose desk looks like a tornado blew through. Organized employees typically take better notes, are more likely to produce work correctly without as much management, and are less likely to overlook a deadline.

2. More Money

Promotions frequently come with a pay raise, but that’s not the only way keeping organized will save you money. When a kid loses a contact lens or retainer, they are looking for a piece of plastic. When you’re looking for that same contact lens or retainer, you’re looking for $100 or more.  The same can be said for electronic toothbrushes, video games, and even some of your own things. Sometimes, organizing your life means helping your family members or cube mates get organized too. You’ll be replacing fewer lost and broken items if you do.

1. Less Stress

With all of your notes and tasks organized, and your productivity increased, you’re able to meet deadlines without the stress of a looming deadline. If you’re keeping your bedroom organized and free of distractions, you’re also sleeping better, which has a positive impact on stress. Did you know that stress can manifest in physical ways, including pain? Removing stress factors and not having to worry about running late because you misplaced your car keys will make you healthier overall.


Take Small Steps to Become More Organized

  • Go one space at a time
    If you’re like me, the thought of organizing your whole home is daunting. The task is so unpleasant that you never get started and chaos reigns. What I’ve started to do is organize a very small area at a time, sometimes as small as a single shelf. Though the rest of the place is a mess, that one area stays neat. The next day, I do another shelf, and so on until the whole place is organized.
  • Spend a little more on the pretty stuff
    While you can get white or clear plastic shelves and drawers, spend a little more to get something that is pretty in addition to being utilitarian. This can help brighten up a room or make a work space feel more cozy. Ask friends and family members to give you a Container Store eGift Card. In addition to colorful paisley folders and magnetic containers that cling to my desk drawers, I’ve gotten many items for my home from The Container Store.

What are some other small steps you’ve used to get organized? Tell us in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

Rebecca Killam
Consumer Marketing Manager

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