DIY Fun Felt Gift Card Holder

Have you ever wanted to jazz up a gift card, but didn’t feel like running to the store to buy an expensive tin or box?  Here is a fun tutorial on gift card wrapping with materials you probably have laying around your craft room.


  • 1 felt square
  • Sharpie or Pen
  • Ribbon or extra felt pieces
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

photo (25)Grab your felt square and fold it in half so it is doubled over with the fun colored side of the fabric facing the inside.  Decide if you would like your gift card holder to open on the top or on the side.  Now, place your gift card with the long side of it right up against the fold of your felt.  With your sharpie, trace the gift card.  Now, draw another square around 5/8 of an inch out from where you traced your gift card.  Cut along the outer square. See images for examples.

photo (26)

Once you have cut this out, sew along the inner square (only sew three sides so you can get your gift card in and out of the finished product). After you have sewn your three sides, use your scissors to snip on a diagonal from the outer square to the sewing line on each corner. This will make the fabric lay flat once you turn it inside out to see the nice fabric.

photo (27)

Go ahead and turn your felt inside out.  Use the tip of your scissors to push on the corners from the inside to make sure they lay flat too.  Now embellish the front how you like.  Add ribbon, stickers, buttons, more felt pieces etc.  Your gift recipient will love how clever you are!

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