5 Custom Wedding Gifts Under $200

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If you’re married, do you remember who gave you the toaster and if you’re not, do you think you will? Maybe your memory is better than mine, because after the thank you notes are written, I don’t think I’ll remember which family sent me a set a steak knives and which bought me a blender so when I’m giving gifts, I don’t expect them to either. That’s why I love giving custom gifts; they’re more memorable and are often perceived to take more effort on your part. As easy as it is to go one a couple’s registry and pick something from the list, consider one of these five custom wedding gifts for under $200 before you make your final choice.

Photo Cubes
If you’ve known the couple for years and can’t pick a favorite photo, this gift is for you. Mix and match; use some photos of each of them younger, grown up, and together. Similar to the unity candle, this gift can show the journey of two lives becoming one. The only difference is photo cubes won’t burn out. Photo cubes cost around $25 each.

Large Wall Art
These come in a variety of mediums ranging from paper to wood or canvas. If you like the tryptch (set of three), you’re best bet is paper, but you can generally find wood or canvas panels for less than $100 each.

Mouse Pads
If you’re not a broke college student attending your cousin’s wedding, this better not be the only wedding gift you give. Include these as part of a larger gift so the bride and groom can take some of the home with them to the office. Perfect for people who like to keep their desk organized and decorations sparse.

Print pillows cost around $35, but you can choose a single photo or a collage. They’re a unique option for sprucing up the room if you know you can select a color that will match the furniture. Just be careful to not sit on anyone’s face the next time you visit!

Visa® Gift Card
For young couples moving into their first home, this is the perfect gift. As beautiful as custom artwork is, it’s hard to enjoy it if you’re fresh out of college and still need furniture. Because Visa Gift Cards can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, the couple can spend the money on essentials during the honeymoon, a new chair for the living room, or one of the other custom gifts above.

5 custom wedding gifts under 200 dollars

What would your ideal wedding gift be?

Rebecca Killam
Consumer Marketing Manager

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