Clever ways to wrap a gift card

Baby Shower gift card wrapping

Have you ever thought to yourself, “gee I’d love to give a gift card for special occasions, but I just don’t think they look very impressive compared to all the nicely wrapped larger gifts next to them”?  Here are a few quick ideas that can help you wrap those gift cards so they look even better than those nicely wrapped gifts next to them.

Father's Day gift card wrapping

What about when you need a fun birthday gift for dad or mom?  Or a gift for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day?  For dad, add a gift card to a little wooden birdhouse, or to a tool belt or box.  Dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  For the dad who likes to fish, why not slip a gift card into his new tackle box?  What a surprise!  For mom, add a gift card to a new wallet you bought for her, or replace the mini greeting card in a bouquet of flowers with a gift card to her favorite store.  She’s sure to love it!

Thank you gift card wrapping

When it comes to a special friend, add a gift card to a cute little box of her favorite cookies, or attach one to a box of yummy chocolates.  Better yet add an AMC gift card to a little bag of popcorn and take her out to the movies for a night out on the town with the girls.

Valentine's Day gift card wrapping

And for the love of your life, try picking up a little heart shaped glass bowl and adding some confetti and a gift card you designed yourself, perhaps a picture of the two of you on your first date would be appropriate.  If you can’t find a glass bowl, try writing a love poem or haiku on the inside of our greeting card to make it extra special.

Leave a comment for us if you have more wrapping ideas, we’d love to hear about them.

By Emmalyn Miron, LMSW
Social Media Marketing Associate

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