Don’t Waste Your Gift Card on These 6 Useless Gadgets

You’re not the celebrity chef you’d like to be, so your kitchen is a little lacking. Your friends know your passion for creative cuisine and have given you a gift card to help you stock up on the brands of kitchen essentials you favor. Whatever you do with it, I suggest you don’t waste it on these 6 useless kitchen gadgets.

Bogeyman Egg Separator

If you’re looking for a novelty item or white elephant gift, this one has merit, and egg separators in general can be very useful to novice chefs. When it comes to everyday use, there are cheaper, more appealing options out there.

Bogeyman Egg Separator

Original image found on Amazon.

Banana Slicer

This makes me think I’ve seen everything and evokes more questions than desire to purchase. Who came up with it? Can I still use it if my banana is longer than the slicer? Apparently I’m not the only person who realizes bananas are not one size fits all. The top “most helpful” review on Amazon sites that unlike the left curved slicer, all of this reviewer’s bananas curve to the right. Just think about that for a moment.

banana slicer

Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly Spreader

Sometimes less is more. This is not one of those times. Unless you’re eating the two slices of bread separately, the peanut butter and jelly are going to touch eventually, but if you’re that concerned about them mixing before putting the slices of bread together, why not use two knives or clean the first knife in between? I can see some people using this, so what makes it useless is the price. Spend $10 on a single two-sided spreader (be careful to pick it up in the middle so you don’t get peanut butter hands) or you can get a 16 piece flatware set for $1 more, complete with forks and spoons too! Definitely the better option for those of us who like a spoonful of peanut butter.

Cuisipro Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader and IKEA BONUS 16-Piece Flatware Set, Stainless Steel both available on Amazon.

Cuisipro Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader and IKEA BONUS 16-Piece Flatware Set, Stainless Steel both available on Amazon.

Pizza Scissors

Original image on Amazon

Original image on Amazon.

I’ve never found myself with a pizza (even when I didn’t have a traditional rolling slicer) and thought, gee, I could really use some pizza scissors right now. The description boasts a non-stick safe nylon base that won’t scratch cookware. I haven’t tried this out, but I imagine it’s more cumbersome than helpful, particularly for right-handed users. Instead of sliding under the piece you’re cutting, it’s lifting up the rest of the pizza.

Asparagus Peeler

I’m completely missing what makes the asparagus peeler useful. Even the name sounds blown out of proportion “Progressive International Asparagus Peeler 6.5-in.” Do I have you “OOO”ing and “AAH”ing yet? Aside from the added ability to snip the end off asparagus and green beans, which can be done with just about any chef knife, there’s nothing this peeler does that your basic peeler can’t do as well. I know I’m showing my inexperience in the kitchen here, but I just wash my asparagus. Have I been doing it wrong?

Asparagus Peeler

Original image found on Amazon.

Mayo Knife

I’m not a fan of mayonnaise, so perhaps there’s more value to this last gadget than I realize. You’ll have to tell me in the comments section. This uniquely shaped plastic “knife” is, let’s face it, a glorified spatula. Are you really going through enough jars of mayo to need this specialized utensil? For that matter, are all mayo jars shaped the same? I’ve never really looked, but since the description explains the “unique shape reaches under the lip, on the sides and in the corners of containers,” someone is convinced the contours of mayo jars are standardized.

Roll ‘N Pour

I see where he’s going with this. It might help elderly and kids… until the container being poured reaches 50%. Pretty sure that contraption would tip and make a bigger mess than if the person had just tipped the container while keeping it on the counter or other surface and held onto the handle. Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

Do you have a friend that shares your passion for the culinary arts? Give them a gift card and cross your fingers that they don’t end up with one of these useless kitchen gadgets.

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