How to wrap a gift card: colorful tin

Want to impress your friends and family members with the most creative gift card holder?  Now you can!  With this tutorial, you will learn how to wrap your gift card to match your friends’ personalities and leave them with an adorable keepsake box to use to store jewelry, bobby pins, paper clips or nick knacks long after they have spent the money on the card.  You will love this quick and easy tutorial and your friends will love the effort you spent on making such a sweet gift.

Gift Card Tin


  • Old Mint Tin
  • Spray Paint
  • Craft Paper
  • Spray Glue
  • Stickers, Jewels, Pompoms or anything else that suites your fancy

To begin, lay your tin open and upside down on a piece of old newspaper or a trash bag.  Lightly spray the box all over with your choice of spray paint colors.  Wait for this to dry.

Next, cut a strip of craft paper about an inch and a half across.  Once your box is dry, fit the paper so it tucks under the top of the box, wraps around the box and then tucks back into the box where you started.  Once you measure this, put some spray glue on the strip of paper and wrap it around the box to lay where you measured.  Push on the paper to make sure it sticks.  Stick the paper down inside the box too. You can even cute a piece of paper that perfectly fits in the bottom of the box too and spray it and stick it down for a fun finishing touch.

Once your paper is stuck onto the box, add your own decoration such as fun stickers, jewels, or pompoms.  You can even write your friend’s name on the paper or create a cute little tag for the box and attach it where you embellished the box.

Make each box different and fun to match your friend’s and family member’s personalities.

By Emmalyn Miron, LMSW
Social Media Marketing Associate

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