Our “Wow” Culture

Many of us have been in the same boat… working for a company that makes you cringe when a customer calls and wants help, because there is nothing you can do to make the situation better.  Or perhaps you have been on the other end of the line, as the customer who cannot get the appropriate answer or rectification for a situation. No matter what end of the transaction you are on, it is draining and upsetting.

GiftCard.Com Wow Culture

My time at GiftCard.com has been a different experience.  When starting a job here, we were handed a copy of Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness. The book explains Hsieh’s rise to the top with Zappos and explains the “wow” culture he created at his company.  I remember reading an excerpt that talked about a customer who called Zappos thinking it was a pizza place and asking for a delivery.  The Zappos employee helped the customer find pizza, even though Zappos as a company had nothing to do with pizza sales. Our CEO, David Jones, had us read the book, wanting us to develop our own wow culture.  I thought to myself “I wonder how far this will go; is he serious?”  I hoped he was, but wondered how these so called wow’s would work.  We started off small with using wows to fix any small problems or help unhappy customers, and evolved into also wowing customers who might be having a bad day or who have a special occasion coming up, or who just happen to be great to work with.

Thank you Flowers and GiftCard.Com

We have recently taken our wow culture to new lengths, including such things as flower delivery to a customer who was celebrating 30 years of marriage, baby books for a social media marketing friend who helped us with new ideas who is having a baby soon, gift baskets, gift cards, handwritten notes and always treating the customer with respect and trying our very hardest to make each and every person who calls feel like they are receiving amazing customer service. Our wow culture has made it fun to come to work every day.  If we are able to wow, we know we are brightening someone’s day and in turn, it brightens ours.  We have a positive work environment with customers who feel cared for.  Wow!  Who doesn’t love that?

Emmalyn Miron, LMSW
Social Media Marketing Associate

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