Christmas Gifts that Support Homeless Children

The best gifts just got better; avoid long lines and guesswork by giving what people really want and support a charity in the process.  A survey by the National Retail Federation shows 59.8% of people want to receive gift cards.  It’s not just college students either, a CNNMoney survey of 625 households representing the top 10% of the nation’s wage earners found that “two-thirds of affluent American women want gift cards.”  Requests for TargetBest BuyWalmart, and Kohl’s cards have risen since last year and if you buy them through, we will donate $30 in diapers to Vogel Alcove if you use the promo code HOPE at the end of checkout.

The only comprehensive early childhood education program in Dallas whose primary focus is to provide free childcare and case management for homeless children and their families, Vogel Alcove has provided free quality child development services for the youngest victims of poverty in Dallas for 25 years, helping children from six weeks to five years old.

“We initially got the idea to give diapers from Twitter when ClubMomMe tweeted ‘a gift card for diapers is priceless’,” explains David Jones, our CEO. “We want to do everything we can to help those around us in need, and giving a donation towards diapers for homeless children will help our North Texas community.”

According to the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, in November of 2011, 48% of the homeless in Dallas were women and children. On any given night in North Texas, more than 1,100 children will fall asleep homeless.  66% will be under the age of nine and 31% are infants and toddlers under three years old.

“Raising $500 would allow us to purchase approximately 4,000 diapers for families here in North Texas,” said marketing associate Kristen Mayo.  “There’s no added cost to use the promo code, so get your shopping done early this year and watch for updates on our Facebook page.”

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Rebecca Killam
Marketing Associate

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