Gift Card Safety for the Holidays

According to, 2/3 of affluent American women want gift cards for Christmas.  Learn the safe way to get them what they really want.

Buy online from a trusted source

Buying online gift cards, where the card numbers are protected or created on demand, keeps scammers from creating a clone of the card.  While the cardboard wraps in stores can help, they are not tamper-proof and just because the card isn’t active until it goes through the register, does not mean it’s safe.
Our CEO, David Jones, explains: Thieves are able to clone gift cards by swiping the magnetic strip or getting the card number.  By running a program to repeatedly check for a balance, the thief is pinged once funds have been loaded to the card and can have the money spent within hours of the card’s activation.  When the recipient tries to use the gift card to make a purchase, it shows a zero balance.  Often the recipient is too embarrassed or doesn’t know how to bring it up and the purchaser never knows there was a problem.

Get a guarantee

When cards purchased from get lost or stolen in transit, wew replace the cards for free, so you know your gift makes it to its intended destination.  Our custom gift cards, which can be personalized with your recipient’s name directly on the plastic, are printed on demand in the custom greeting card of your choice.  Not only are our gift cards more personal than store bought cards, they’re safer too.  We also offer eGift cards deliverable to your recipient’s e-mail or phone via SMS text message.  If one gets accidentally deleted before being opened, we are able to resend it.

For more gift card safety tips, the Washington Post has a great article.  You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Google+ for up to date news on gift card safety and trends.

Rebecca Killam
Marketing Associate

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